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Dental issues can only be addressed thoroughly by a professional who is experienced as the cases vary from person to person. Dental troubles are recurring in nature, so you need a trusted name to rely on for your family's dental health. Smilex Dental Specialty Center has been providing dental treatments for over 16 years now since inception in 2000. brbrThe journey from the first clinic till today when we have treated almost 70,000 patients from various nationalities has been one to relish. We love putting smiles back on our patients' faces and take pleasure in their happiness. Our priority since inception has been to be the most ethical dental clinic in Pune where people can visit and consult without the fear of mistreatment or overcharging.brbrDental issues have serious outcomes yet many people have a tendency to ignore dental problems. One of our chief goal is to spread awareness about dental health in citizens. The most commonly witnessed problem is the infection in pulp of the tooth. To address this issue, you need to find out a clinic which offers the best root canal treatment in Pune which happens to be the Smilex Dental Specialty Center. brbrAnother recurring issue is the unusual or crooked growth of teeth. So, if you need to get crooked teeth rectified to score full marks for your smile, you definitely need to visit the dental care facility started by the best orthodontist in Pune, Dr Vijay Deshmukh. brbrDr Vijay Deshmukh needs no introduction as he has established Smilex Dental Specialty Center as the best dental care facility in Pune which is visited by patients from all around the globe because of the institute's and its founder's prolific service.brbrSmilex Dental Specialty Centre was established in the year 2000. We have treated more than 70,000 patients, who are very happy with our treatment. We have a team dentistry approach in treating patients. 'We have a team of dental specialists under one roof who dedicately work to creat healthy and beautiful smile'.We are a leading dental implant provider in India. We are also pioneer in guided Bone Regeneration, Adult Orthodontics, Cosmetics Dentistry, and Ortho-Perio Cases and Smile makeover.'Smilex' is a Trademark owned by VLD Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. This company is the fastest growing healthcare company in pune.brbrFor more details visit -this site